About Our Water Park

The first of its kind water park in North Fort Myers, Florida. Welcome to the Revolution. We are located at 17590 East St. North Fort Myers, FL 33917.

Revolution Aqua Park is a Wibit Inflatable Sport Park located on 20 acres of the most pristine wetlands in the area. Play the day away on the lake and enjoy the surrounding amenities such as the Revolution Cable Park and Sky High Jetpacks. This park is the perfect lake vacation destination for the whole family. Explore beyond and enjoy a walking trail that show's off Florida's natural beauty for almost a full mile.

Our first priority is to ensure a safe environment for all our water park visitors. Because of this, we surround the inflatable park with an underwater safety netting system, use daily sonar for water content monitoring, and maintain a team of certified lifeguards to protect you and your loved ones all day long.

All guests are welcome from adults to children ages 6+. For children younger than 6, availability may be limited to specific times only for safety purposes. For questions, contact us.

Purchase your tickets online to save time and get the best deals on group rates!

Wibit Water Play

The Wibit is the next generation of fun on the water! The Wibit Inflatable Sport Park is in use across the globe and has been for the last 20 years. Today, there are parks in 75 countries with more than 12 million users worldwide. With that kind of experience, we know the best setup for the space that provides the most fun on the water.

Let's talk safety. Wibit Sports is dedicated to the safety and security of its users by ensuring its products comply with state of the art safety standards recognized the world over. Classification, materials, test methods, consumer information, and specific safety requirements are all in accordance with safety standards on minimum water depth, entrapment hazards, correct working pressure, etc. To top it off, our park is staffed with trained and certified lifeguards all day every day.

People playing on the Wibit

Need directions to the park? See our address on the map or contact us online or by phone for more details.